Of course, not all of us who love Promised Land Mangoes are able to be here often, but when we can, we love to visit the grove and do whatever we can!


Piper is dedicated to ensuring that only the most delicious mangoes and mango products are sold at Promised Land Mangoes. She selflessly volunteers to sample the mango delights, often going to such lengths as to stand on her hind legs or show us her belly, to convey her dedication to the cause. When Piper is not nibbling or napping, she enjoys pretending to be a fierce guard pup, but really she just wants to get a good scratch behind the ears and maybe lick your hands (if they smell like Mango Chutney)

Nancy uses her skills as a Generation-Y young woman to usher Promised Land Mangoes into the 21st Century. When she's not out traveling the world and prematurely ageing her parents, she lends a hand when she is able. Nancy is passionate about domestic and international travel, literature, nutrition and herbal medicine. When she is at the grove she enjoys beekeeping, mango picking, recipe experimenting and tree climbing.  And Nancy is the newest domestic producer appointed to the National Mango Board.   We are very proud of her!!

‚ÄčWe have all agreed that Stephanie is the best person associated with Promised Land Mangoes. When she is not trying to share her Mango Chutney with Piper, she is hard at work in her office writing songs and stories. She also has the best dance moves of anyone we know. Stephanie keeps all of us at Promised Land Mangoes on our best behavior. She loves attending her Pathways classes in Fort Myers caring for her chickens (she sells her eggs at the grove on Saturdays) and listening to Fall Out Boy .

Jean has kept the Sapp Family running smoothly for over 30 years, and she puts those same skills to work at Promised Land Mangoes. She develops and produces all mango preserves and products and attends to the grove stand, as well as tending to the bees and keeping the organization... organized. She is also an advocate for the bees, educating people on the dangers of losing them. Jean was elected to the National Mango Board in 2013 and has just completed a 2-year term.

Chris is the agricultural force behind Promised Land Mangoes. A retired judge, citrus grower and semi-retired  attorney, Chris has owned the grove since the 1980s. After charging its care to others, Chris finally took over grove operations and The Old Pineland Mango Grove has     flourished ever since. From reset planting, to carpentry to beekeeping to mango harvesting, Chris does it all.  He remains one of the last outposts of traditional farming in the United States

The Old Pineland Mango Grove, home of Promised Land Mangoes, is located on 40 acres of beautiful land on sunny Pine Island, FL. Our trees are nourished by the warm sea breezes and nutrient rich, salty soil. The grove was planted in the 1950s and came into our family in the 1980s. After letting other people take care of it for many years, we took over operations several years ago and the trees have never been happier!

Don't want to buy food from complete strangers? Neither do we! So, why don't we tell you a little bit about ourselves.