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Welcome to the land of mangoes and honey

                                                                                                                                         is our motto here at Promised Land Mangoes. Our reason for saying this is quite simple. Even organic fruits and vegetables have been treated with chemicals- "organic" chemicals. Often these chemicals are the same chemicals which are thought to be harming the bees and contributing to Colony Collapse Disorder. Even though the word "organic" calls to mind images of safe, healthy and chemical-free food, unfortunately many times this is just not the case.

We do not use any pesticides or fungicides in the grove. None of our fruit has ever been treated with chemicals. Because of this, our mangoes may not look as smooth or "pretty" as mangoes in the grocery store, but we can guarantee that ours are more special. They are special because they are nourished by the warm Florida sunshine and nutrient-rich Island soil. We guarantee that our mangoes spend more time ripening on the tree than grocery store mangoes. They did not travel hundreds or thousands of miles across international borders to reach you. You can buy them directly from the farmer right here in the grove. Come give them a try and see for yourself!